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Grammar Review

What is a noun? – A noun describes a person, place or a thing.

What is an adjective? – An adjective is a word that describes the noun.

What is an adverb?- A adverb describes the verb and the adjective.

What is a verb? – A verb describes about what’s happining now.

What is a conjunction? – it connects sentence together.

What is a pronoun?- a pronoun can replace the noun.

What is a reflexive pronoun? a reflexive pronoun is used when a person or a thing acts on itself.

What is a preposition? A preposition is

Please bend these 5 verbs:

1. To run: Run – ran – have run
2. To jump: Jump – jumped – have jumped

3. To climb: Climb – climbed – have climbed
4. To be: Be – where/was -have been

5. To throw: Throw – threw – have thrown

6. Write 10 pronouns: He, she , it , them , we, him, they, her, you, me.

7. Write 10 nouns: car, house, dog, floor, Norway, Sweeden, Steinar, cat, roof, table.

8 Write 5 sentences and underline the verb in each sentence. All sentences should be at least 6 words long.


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