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Grammar Review

What is a noun? – A noun describes a person, place or a thing.

What is an adjective? – An adjective is a word that describes the noun.

What is an adverb?- A adverb describes the verb and the adjective.

What is a verb? – A verb describes about what’s happining now.

What is a conjunction? – it connects sentence together.

What is a pronoun?- a pronoun can replace the noun.

What is a reflexive pronoun? a reflexive pronoun is used when a person or a thing acts on itself.

What is a preposition? A preposition is

Please bend these 5 verbs:

1. To run: Run – ran – have run
2. To jump: Jump – jumped – have jumped

3. To climb: Climb – climbed – have climbed
4. To be: Be – where/was -have been

5. To throw: Throw – threw – have thrown

6. Write 10 pronouns: He, she , it , them , we, him, they, her, you, me.

7. Write 10 nouns: car, house, dog, floor, Norway, Sweeden, Steinar, cat, roof, table.

8 Write 5 sentences and underline the verb in each sentence. All sentences should be at least 6 words long.


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Mr. Bean =D

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Whisky lullaby

I cried the first time i saw this musicvideo, its amazing.
Lovely song by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss .
This video has a powerful message on what can happen with just one mistake and that alcohol doesn’t help either..

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My future plans

My future? I dont have any plans, yet… but, my BIGGEST dream is to get a job at the Specialist Crime Directorate ” kripos”, but most av all, I want to be something in the detective police. 🙂
it’s very hard to get into the police school, you must have good grades and … yeah..

So, after junior high school i’m going to continue my education at high school.
I’ll think i would take theoretical line in Molde for 3 years.
Live in a house, on my own. Without my mom, in 3 loooong years. 😀 thats life , right? 🙂
I hope i can do it good on the theoretical line, so i can take the next step to the officer candidate school. That would take me 1-3 years. The officer candidae school give me good points and it’s easier to get into the police school. After this i dont know what choise i would do. The Army maybe ? Take my police education there ? I have no idea, but thats my dream and I would try to make it come true:)

Eli Iren . :>

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Mahtama Gandhi

Mathama Gandhi was born 2 october, year 1869 in Pordanbar, British India.
Gandhi was a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement.
At the age of 13, Gandhi was married to Kasturba Makhanji and they had four sons.
When he was 18, he went to University College in London to train as a barrister. 🙂
Gandhi first employed his ideas of peaceful civil disobedience in the Indian community’s struggle for civil rights in South Africa.
South Africa changed Gandhi, he faced the discrimination commonly directed at blacks and Indians.
gandhi-painting.jpg 800px-gandhis_ashes.jpg

He died when he was 78 years. The date of death was 30 january, 1948.
He was shot at killed while having his nightly public walk on the grounds. 😦
[not finished]

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